Selecting a cleaning company that is a match for your business’s needs may sound easy enough in theory, but in reality there is an excess number of companies to choose from. Even when you’ve found a cleaning company to hire, there is no telling for how long you will be satisfied with your choice, and one does not want to waste time shopping for new cleaners. Here is a list of signs that you have hired a quality cleaning service:

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1. Length of Time in Business
With all the competition out there, those who can stand among the top of the pack year after year must demonstrate an ability to consistently satisfy and surpass their client’s needs. Veteran companies know that there are plenty of others who could take their place and work hard to maintain a company’s trust.

2. Dependability and Thoroughness
Can you rely on your cleaning company to be punctual every time? Can you depend on them to clean every desk, door handle, and every square inch of carpet? A good cleaning company understands that their services need to adhere to the agreed schedule and to not underperform in any of their tasks. The spotless quality cleaning you receive the first time should happen every single time.

3. Staff, Equipment and Qualifications
It goes without saying; you want the cleaning crew you hire to be highly trained and thorough in work. One would also want them to be using the best, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment on the market. A cleaning service that cares about the integrity of their business must be insured under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and one should never hesitate to ask for a Clearance Certificate. A cleaning company that takes responsibility for its employees and clients show the steps they are willing to take to earn your trust.


With over 30 years of experience, we at New Look Maintenance Inc. are a prime choice as your go-to cleaning service. Our employees are extensively trained, with many years of experience, and look forward to providing you the quality service you deserve. We are not satisfied with doing a job that is just “good enough”. Our staff guarantees your satisfaction and looks forward to exceeding your standards. Contact us today and allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!

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