clean phoneYour office is the engine that propels your business forward. It’s where all the planning, collaboration and execution takes place that generates your business success. In order to get this engine moving, its parts need to be well maintained. While a messy and unclean office is an unpleasant sight to visitors and business associates, a more pressing concern for keeping your office sanitized is that if neglected, your office could become a breeding ground for bacteria. This will make your workers sick, affecting the momentum of your business. It’s important to take care of the biggest culprits that host these germs.

Here are 6 commonly missed spots you must clean in your office:
1. Furniture – Underneath your office chairs and desks, you’ll probably spot a layer of dust, which is a magnet for microbes.
2. Doorknobs – One of the most often touched parts of your office, doorknobs are a host to bacteria and germs. To stop the spread of harmful germs, make sure to disinfect doorknobs regularly.
3. Fans – Often overlooked, make sure to check the blades of your ceiling and wall fans, as they are usually a storage for grime and dust.
4. Office equipment – Though used every day, your computers, printers and keyboards are not regularly cleaned. Make sure to also disinfect your mouse to stop the spread of communicable germs.
5. Phones – The buttons contain a lot of dust and debris from constant use. Not to mention, the receiver can get covered with grime and grease too.
6. Light Fixtures – Have you checked the office light fixtures and lamps? If unattended, you may find a thick layer of dust. Make sure to give them a quick swipe every once in a while to clear the dust build up.

fotolia_108579949It’s important to note, these are areas that need to be cleaned regularly along with your usual office cleaning repertoire. Full office cleaning procedure is a task that requires an extensive amount of time, which could be better allocated to pressing matters of your business. That’s why you should let the experts at New Look Maintenance Inc. take care of your office cleaning needs. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to give your office that corporate image that is sure to impress. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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