We all know that once the winter season approaches… it can only mean one thing: the cold or flu comes with it. As temperatures drop, people become more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. How can you and your coworkers maintain a clean and healthy working area while the flu season is at its peak? We thought it would be a good idea to create go through some basics. You can always do your best to ensure that your surroundings are germ free.
Office Cleaning

Firstly, there are many communal areas in a workplace such as the boardroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. Keeping these areas as germ free as possible will ensure all employees a much better work experience as the chances to contract sickness will be lowered. Now it is common practice to wash hands after using the bathroom, but often times that does not happen while using common appliances around the office. These include coffee machines, microwaves, keyboards, etc. These appliances are common places for germs to grow and accumulate the longer they remain unkept. The more people that use these appliances on a daily basis, the more chances there are of contracting an illness. Keeping disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer handy would be a great start in combating against sickness and germs. You and your coworkers owe it to each other to be considerate and work together to keep the office cleaner. Although being sanitary in the office helps, there are other options that can benefit you.

Another plan of action would be to take advantage of the Commercial Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services you have available to you. If there were an important time to maintain a clean workplace, the flu season and upcoming cold months could be qualified as such. The certified janitors and office cleaners here at New Look Maintenance know exactly how to keep your office area germ free. Our office cleaning services range from floor stripping and waxing to carpet and upholstery cleaning. We do whatever it takes to make sure your office space stays clean. For more information please contact us today to request a quote or fill out the form below. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!

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