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  • 8 Steps to Give Your Floors a Shine to be Proud Of July 29, 2016

    cleaning floor with machineAs you walk into a building, looking straight ahead at where you are walking, have you ever had your eyes drawn down and distracted by the clean, radiant floors that give off an unmistakably futuristic feel? It’s an impressive sight, one that is greatly appreciated and sets the mood for whatever business you have in the place that you’ve just entered. This is the type of awe inspiring reaction that one would want when inviting business clients or employees into their building.

    Getting your floors to showcase a pristine shine is an arduous process but well worth it in the end. So how does one get their floors that sought after corporate image? New Look Maintenance Inc. follows a systematically proven approach, completed with these steps:

    1. Clear the area of all furniture and items on the floor.

    2. Vacuum the floor beforehand to get rid of any lingering dirt, dust and debris.

    3. Dilute the stripper by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Test the stripper in a corner to make sure it doesn’t bleed or discolour the floor.

    4. Mop the floor with the stripper, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, but do not let it dry. After this dwelling period, either manually or with an electric floor scrubber, scrub off the old wax. As you are doing this, you should notice the floor getting duller.

    5. In order to remove the wax, use a floor squeegee. Afterwards, use a wet-dry vacuum to soak up the excess residue and moisture.

    6. Before applying the new wax, it is important to rinse the floor with a neutralizer and use the wet-dry vacuum to soak up any remaining moisture.

    7. After the floor is completely dry, you can now apply the wax sealer, making sure that you do not flood the floor with this product. A thin and even layer is what you’re aiming for.

    8. Once it is dry, test the floor to make sure it is not sticky. Once in the clear, apply another layer, or however many layers you feel is appropriate, allowing time for it to dry in between the layers.

    Following these steps, your floor should look brand new. However, you may have other important things to concern yourself with, so that’s why you should let the pros at New Look Maintenance Inc. take care of the job for you. With over 30 years of experience, we have the tools and expertise to put you at ease, satisfaction guaranteed. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!


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