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  • How your Office Equipment can Last Longer February 8, 2017

    A lot of people spend a good portion of their time inside an office workspace. This work place is crucial for productivity and collaboration in order to complete necessary tasks. Keeping this space clean offers several positive benefits including employee productivity, customer satisfaction and happiness. One aspect that is just as important is the increased longevity of your office equipment. How does cleanliness help your office furniture and equipment?

    Maintaining a clean environment within the office space helps with the idea of being careful with office equipment. This means employees will take greater care of the objects around them to ensure a clean look is kept throughout the workspace. This leads to the correct use and treatment of office equipment, which ultimately can extend its usability. Things around the office accumulate dust the more they are used. Think about your keyboards, your desks, or drawers, etc.

    We know the importance of clean office equipment and exactly how they should be handled. Whether it’s computers, power bars, printers, telephones, screens, copiers, etc. the proper care needs to be taken in order for them to last longer and work as they are supposed to. Keeping them clean and using them conscientiously, especially with delicate electronics, will benefit you in the long run. Everything in your office is valuable in its own right, that’s why taking the steps to ensure your office equipment and appliances stay cleaned is a good choice. By choosing the complete janitorial & office cleaners, you can be sure that these equipment pieces will last like they are supposed to. To learn more about New Look Maintenance and our Complete Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services, contact us or fill out this contact form.

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    • What you should look for in a Janitorial & Office Cleaning Service Company January 20, 2017

      Good Janitorial Office Cleaning ServiceWhen searching for a reputable Janitorial or Office cleaning Services company, it could be useful to create a checklist, which would help you pick the best fit for you. Making a selection from such a wide range of options is not always the easiest task. Here are some things you can keep in mind during your search.


      How well do they Schedule:

      Good cleaning companies know how to accommodate all of their clientele, especially one that is always on time. This may seem like a normal requirement but without the proper systems and management in place, the company operation may not run as efficiently as others.

      Compare Quotes:

      On the business end of things, finding the most cost-effective service will be a big factor in making a decision. In some cases it may not be best to stay focussed on the cheapest option, since they may not offer the same amount of services or may take on too many clientele to really be reliable. Rather, you should find a service that provides a wide range of services at reasonable pricing. This will ensure quality of service, which means your investment will not go to waste.

      View their Licensing & Accolades: 

      Make sure the company you are looking at has all its licensing in order and any other credentials they specify. How many years have they been in the business? Do they truly know the ins and outs of janitorial and office cleaning services? We here at New Look Maintenance love what we do. Keeping our clients satisfied is the best outcome from our daily work, and with over 30 years of Complete Janitorial & Office Cleaning services experience, we are confident in our abilities. To inquire, or for more information please contact us at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you.

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      • Beat the Cold with a Cleaner Office November 16, 2016

        We all know that once the winter season approaches… it can only mean one thing: the cold or flu comes with it. As temperatures drop, people become more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. How can you and your coworkers maintain a clean and healthy working area while the flu season is at its peak? We thought it would be a good idea to create go through some basics. You can always do your best to ensure that your surroundings are germ free.
        Office Cleaning

        Firstly, there are many communal areas in a workplace such as the boardroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. Keeping these areas as germ free as possible will ensure all employees a much better work experience as the chances to contract sickness will be lowered. Now it is common practice to wash hands after using the bathroom, but often times that does not happen while using common appliances around the office. These include coffee machines, microwaves, keyboards, etc. These appliances are common places for germs to grow and accumulate the longer they remain unkept. The more people that use these appliances on a daily basis, the more chances there are of contracting an illness. Keeping disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer handy would be a great start in combating against sickness and germs. You and your coworkers owe it to each other to be considerate and work together to keep the office cleaner. Although being sanitary in the office helps, there are other options that can benefit you.

        Another plan of action would be to take advantage of the Commercial Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services you have available to you. If there were an important time to maintain a clean workplace, the flu season and upcoming cold months could be qualified as such. The certified janitors and office cleaners here at New Look Maintenance know exactly how to keep your office area germ free. Our office cleaning services range from floor stripping and waxing to carpet and upholstery cleaning. We do whatever it takes to make sure your office space stays clean. For more information please contact us today to request a quote or fill out the form below. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!

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        • Keeping your Warehouse Clean October 14, 2016

          Most times the office warehouse can be forgotten. This eventually leads to an unorganized workspace where objects and debris get in the way of work tasks. Regular maintenance and cleanliness in warehouse spaces is just as, if not more, important than a spotless office. This is the area where all your goods are housed or stored until they are needed. Trying to manage all your inventory can be a challenge, but it makes for an easier space to keep track of. All the tools that are kept in warehouses promote the build up of dust, germs and grim and if the area is left uncleaned, there could be health risks.

          A quick way to keep your warehouse cleaner and more organized is to create neatly organized storage spaces where your product can be shelved. Usually this space is free from the main traffic area, yet easily accessible when needed. Designated spaces allow for a tidy warehouse with less clutter.


          The floors can be the worst part to keep orderly if not maintained regularly. Without proper maintenance, debris can begin to accumulate and once things get to a certain point, it becomes rather difficult to go back to a clean looking warehouse space. Make sure to remove wet, oily or dusty messes so that any slipping risks are eliminated. The last thing that you want to happen is to have an injury occur. The best practice to a well maintained storage warehouse is developing a schedule; one that is easy to follow.

          With these basic reminders, we hope you see how important it is to stay cleanly, even in the office warehouse. If keeping your warehouse tidy is not something you can add into your daily routine, we would suggest looking for a qualified janitorial cleaning service. Here at New Look Maintenance our service is of the highest quality and with over 30 years in the business, we know exactly how to help. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! For more information regarding the types of janitorial services we provide, please feel free to complete our form or contacts us at your convenience.

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          • 3 Telltale Signs that Your Cleaning Company is a Keeper June 23, 2016

            Selecting a cleaning company that is a match for your business’s needs may sound easy enough in theory, but in reality there is an excess number of companies to choose from. Even when you’ve found a cleaning company to hire, there is no telling for how long you will be satisfied with your choice, and one does not want to waste time shopping for new cleaners. Here is a list of signs that you have hired a quality cleaning service:

            Warning sign slippery

            1. Length of Time in Business
            With all the competition out there, those who can stand among the top of the pack year after year must demonstrate an ability to consistently satisfy and surpass their client’s needs. Veteran companies know that there are plenty of others who could take their place and work hard to maintain a company’s trust.

            2. Dependability and Thoroughness
            Can you rely on your cleaning company to be punctual every time? Can you depend on them to clean every desk, door handle, and every square inch of carpet? A good cleaning company understands that their services need to adhere to the agreed schedule and to not underperform in any of their tasks. The spotless quality cleaning you receive the first time should happen every single time.

            3. Staff, Equipment and Qualifications
            It goes without saying; you want the cleaning crew you hire to be highly trained and thorough in work. One would also want them to be using the best, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment on the market. A cleaning service that cares about the integrity of their business must be insured under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and one should never hesitate to ask for a Clearance Certificate. A cleaning company that takes responsibility for its employees and clients show the steps they are willing to take to earn your trust.


            With over 30 years of experience, we at New Look Maintenance Inc. are a prime choice as your go-to cleaning service. Our employees are extensively trained, with many years of experience, and look forward to providing you the quality service you deserve. We are not satisfied with doing a job that is just “good enough”. Our staff guarantees your satisfaction and looks forward to exceeding your standards. Contact us today and allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!

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            • Why You Want to Maintain a Clean Business Image May 9, 2016

              Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services - New Look Maintenance Inc

              Image is a crucial component for success and the best way to project a positive image is to run your business in a way that displays integrity. However image is not just about superior business practices, but also good first impressions. Whether the first impression is good or bad, it will spread like wildfire through word of mouth, but more importantly, it will spread through online activity where it can be seen by anyone. Clearly, the stakes have never been higher to maintain the ideal image.Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services - New Look Maintenance Inc
              When potential clients come into your place of business, you don’t want them to notice sticky or stained floors, dusty desks and smudged windows. If clients see that a business does not take care of itself, what faith can they have in your business being able to take care of their needs?

              Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services - New Look Maintenance Inc.A positive image is not just for clientele, but also for your employees. An office that is filled with dirt and grime is an unpleasant sight, which leads to a decrease in enthusiasm and reduces productivity. Having a clean and sparkling office evokes greater pride in your employees and is always appreciated. Not to mention that the accumulated germs spread much quicker in a compact environment like an office, resulting in your employees getting sick and missing out on work.
              For your office cleaning needs, look no further than New Look Maintenance Inc. We offer a wide range of janitorial & office cleaning services including floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, power sweeping, floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning. With over 30 years of experience, our attention to detail and commitment to your high standards will leave your office in a pristine condition that your competitors will envy. It’s time to upgrade your image. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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              • The Benefits of a Clean Office February 25, 2016

                Special 1 Month Offer

                housewifeAn average worker will spend roughly 40 hours a week at work. With so much time spent in the office every week, a work setting that inspires productivity should be at the forefront of any business strategy. One way to drive that productivity is to have a clean and organized office space. A lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction to workers, and has been linked to their ability to learn and be productive in their job tasks. A spotless office is a sure way to keep your workers focused and on point.

                In addition, a clean office is a healthy office, and removing all the dirt and grime will help stop the spread of office germs. With so many people interacting in common areas within the office, it’s easy for employees to get sick, resulting in sick days being taken. A decreased workforce means a loss of productivity and money.

                A clean office is not just for your employees, but also for visitors. A clean business is one that draws in people and makes them feel welcome. A disorganized office space may leave visitors with a bad impression and could negatively affect your business’s reputation.

                Women at workplace, professional female cleaner washing floor inThere are only benefits to improving the cleanliness of your office, but tasking your employees to do all the work is itself a drain on time and resources that could be better put to use on job appropriate tasks.

                This is where hiring a professional cleaning service becomes one of the best decisions you can make. New Look Maintenance offers a full range of janitorial services, and with over 30 years of experience, we have expert staff and equipment to meet your every need. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”!

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                • Things to Consider when Hiring a Cleaning Company January 20, 2016

                  LogoIn a professional setting, maintaining a clean and orderly working space is crucial to good first impressions, so choosing the right commercial janitorial services is an important decision to make. Given that it’s your premises, it can also be a personal decision, which is why you need to hold the company to a high standard.  Here’s a list to consider when choosing which company to hire:

                  1. Check reviews

                  Look online at the various cleaning services offered in your area, and check for online reviews to get a sense of the professionalism of the company in question. Businesses will often go through multiple different office cleaning services so pay special attention to their reviews, as that usually leads to referrals towards a specific company.

                  2. Ask how long they have been in business

                  Generally, companies that have been around longer tend to be the better choice. That’s not to say younger companies offer inferior services, but veteran companies have been around long enough to gain the necessary experience to adjust their methods accordingly so that they become more efficient and profitable for their owners. Customer satisfaction is critical to veteran companies because once an image has been tarnished, it’s difficult to re-establish that reputation. 

                  3. Do they have proper insurance?

                  If any damage should occur to your property or possessions during the cleaning process, the company’s liability insurance will cover you for your losses. Being a bonded and insured company goes a long way to showing customers the steps they are willing to take to protect you and their business.

                  The cleaning services company must also be covered under Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and it is in your best interest to ask for a Clearance Certificate.  Should any of the cleaning personnel be injured while at your premises, your company could be liable if the cleaning services company has not provided that coverage for its employees. 

                  4. Pricing

                  Before the cleaning company gives you a quote, a representative should stop by your premise and walk around to get an idea of the work to be done. Prices are based on the amount of work required, square footage of the location, and the frequency of the services needed.

                  5. The services they provide

                  Make sure that the cleaning company that you hire provides the full list of services you require, as some companies will not, and many are specialized only for certain areas of cleaning. You may also want to confirm that the company will provide their own cleaning materials and if it’s a priority, that their products and methods are environmentally friendly. To have the most effective results, make sure to have a scheduled maintenance, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.

                  With over 30 years of expertise, New Look Maintenance Inc. has the experience and industry level equipment to keep your business up to your high standards. Along with our janitorial and office cleaning services, we also provide floor, window and carpet maintenance to keep your business looking immaculate. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Let us give your premises a “New Look”.

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                  • Key Tips on Keeping your Office Looking Clean December 4, 2015

                    LogoKeeping your office clean and tidy is an important way to not just keep your workspace healthy, but also provide a positive working environment, a more productive workspace, and ultimately give your premises the professional look you are seeking.

                    • Keep your documents organized: This helps to keep your office looking tidy and  more presentable. By placing all loose papers and folders in a designated spot, this can keep your office looking more orderly.
                    • Make sure to keep your rooms disinfected: This can be done by having sanitary methods of cleanliness throughout the office, especially in the washrooms and kitchens. Your office space has a great deal of transit throughout the day where dust, allergens, germs, food particles, etc. can accumulate around the office space. By regularly using disinfectants and cleaners it will reduce unsanitary conditions and ultimately keep the workspace cleaner, healthier, and more presentable. 
                    • Clean stains or liquid drips: Not only is there a presentation problem here, but there is also a risk of drawing in insects. If you do not clean spills and drips on the floors, counters and walls, you could risk bringing in more unhealthy factors into your workspace.
                    • Take out the trash: Emptying your garbage bins is crucial to avoid harsh smells, insects,  and odour build-up. Having a clean smelling area is highly important in maintaining a professional appearance. 
                    • Regularly maintain carpets and floors: Sweeping/vacuuming and washing your floors to remove dust and debris will give your premises a fresh look.  Vinyl floors must also be maintained by regularly stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing to obtain a glossy wet look.  Carpets should also be routinely vacuumed and spots removed on a timely manner to avoid stains to become permanent.  A scheduled carpet cleaning is also very important in order to remove grime and allergens.

                    With all these tips, it is important to note that the number one thing required in keeping the office clean is a scheduled maintenance. Let New Look Maintenance help you and your office by giving you a clean, fresh look. With over thirty years in the industry, our janitorial company can worry about the office cleaning without you having to. Our janitorial services are quick and professional. Let us improve your look. It’s time for a “New Look”

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                    • Warehouse Cleaning October 26, 2015

                      LogoNew Look Maintenance Inc. has the experience and expertise to take care of all your janitorial needs including warehouse cleaning.

                      Maintaining your production/plant area or logistics terminal in top condition can sometimes present its challenges. However, we will work with you to ensure there are no business interruptions at your workplace. Have you taken a look at the overhead structural beams or the floor in your warehouse? Both of these areas unquestionably collect dust and, depending on your type of business, other contaminants as well. We have the commercial equipment to clean your structural beams and to power sweep and wash the warehouse floor so that your premises will have the corporate image you are seeking.

                      Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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