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  • 6 Commonly Missed Spots in Office Cleaning May 30, 2016

    clean phoneYour office is the engine that propels your business forward. It’s where all the planning, collaboration and execution takes place that generates your business success. In order to get this engine moving, its parts need to be well maintained. While a messy and unclean office is an unpleasant sight to visitors and business associates, a more pressing concern for keeping your office sanitized is that if neglected, your office could become a breeding ground for bacteria. This will make your workers sick, affecting the momentum of your business. It’s important to take care of the biggest culprits that host these germs.

    Here are 6 commonly missed spots you must clean in your office:
    1. Furniture – Underneath your office chairs and desks, you’ll probably spot a layer of dust, which is a magnet for microbes.
    2. Doorknobs – One of the most often touched parts of your office, doorknobs are a host to bacteria and germs. To stop the spread of harmful germs, make sure to disinfect doorknobs regularly.
    3. Fans – Often overlooked, make sure to check the blades of your ceiling and wall fans, as they are usually a storage for grime and dust.
    4. Office equipment – Though used every day, your computers, printers and keyboards are not regularly cleaned. Make sure to also disinfect your mouse to stop the spread of communicable germs.
    5. Phones – The buttons contain a lot of dust and debris from constant use. Not to mention, the receiver can get covered with grime and grease too.
    6. Light Fixtures – Have you checked the office light fixtures and lamps? If unattended, you may find a thick layer of dust. Make sure to give them a quick swipe every once in a while to clear the dust build up.

    fotolia_108579949It’s important to note, these are areas that need to be cleaned regularly along with your usual office cleaning repertoire. Full office cleaning procedure is a task that requires an extensive amount of time, which could be better allocated to pressing matters of your business. That’s why you should let the experts at New Look Maintenance Inc. take care of your office cleaning needs. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to give your office that corporate image that is sure to impress. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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    • Tips on Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning March 21, 2016


      Tips on Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

      FotoliaComp_80662688_vMKG1AFKEFZW5HSN9tccNC5czkPTL8U6_NW40Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s time to dust off those cleaning tools and put them to work in order to give your office space a clean and fresh look. The experts at New Look Maintenance Inc. have got you covered with the tricks of the trade to keeping your office clean. With over 30 years in the business, our janitorial and office cleaning services have helped us understand the importance of a clean space.

      Here’s a checklist of tasks to do when cleaning up the office:

      •  Empty all the wastebaskets and wash them if necessary
      • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces and mop all hard floor surfaces with disinfectant
      • Dust all surfaces and make sure to go over the keyboards and behind the computers!
      • Wipe door handles and light switches with a disinfectant (lots of germs accumulate here over time)
      • Make sure to restock toilet paper, hand paper towels, soap and all other toiletries
      • Clean and disinfect all urinals and toilets
      • Clean and polish mirrors

      Special Offer on Site 2It’s important to note these are tasks that should be done on a regular basis to keep your office looking professional and to prevent any build-up of germs. If this seems like an overwhelming workload on top of your employees’ daily job tasks, look no further than New Look Maintenance Inc. to ensure your office cleaning needs are met, and also surpassed. We offer a complete range of janitorial services to help give your office that corporate image that allows for a supreme first impression. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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      • Keeping your Carpet Clean August 27, 2015

        Logo The maintenance of a clean office area is highly important when it comes to carpeted surfaces. Oftentimes people neglect the fact that their carpeted floors  accumulate dust, stains, dirt, especially in high-traffic areas. Ensuring these areas are regularly treated is a factor in the overall cleanliness of your workplace.  We provide the highest quality carpet cleaning services to ensure that your office stays cleaner longer. 

        Our step-by-step process removes spots and built-in dirt, and will bring new life to all your carpeted areas.  This will make your premises nicer looking but most importantly, it will provide a healthier working environment for your employees and visitors to enjoy. This is how we do it:

        1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet

        2. Pre-treat all spots

        3. Scrub the carpet with a rotary brush using a PH balanced cleaning solution.
        This process loosens the soil from the fibres of the carpet.

        4. Rinse the carpet with a portable or truck-mount water extraction system using warm water. This rinse is very important, as this will minimize residue build-up in the carpet.

        Scotch guarding is recommended to preserve the carpet and to allow for easier removal of any future stains.

        The janitorial and office cleaning services we provide will help you obtain the desired corporate image you seek.  Allow us to give your premises a “New Look”.

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        • Keeping the Entire Workspace Clean July 24, 2015

          LogoSometimes, ensuring that every area of your office is clean can be harder than it appears. Certain areas are harder to reach than others and are often forgotten or neglected. Some of these places include the acrylic light covers and air diffusers of your premises. These are areas where insects and dust accumulate and usually go unchecked for long periods of time.

          New Look Maintenance Inc. has made it a habit to look after the cleaning of these areas, which we think will provide you a cleaner and healthier working environment. Our office cleaning experience is what allows us to efficiently clean all areas of your workplace no matter where they are. This ultimately provides a cleaner workplace and a more positive overall working environment.

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