LogoKeeping your office clean and tidy is an important way to not just keep your workspace healthy, but also provide a positive working environment, a more productive workspace, and ultimately give your premises the professional look you are seeking.

  • Keep your documents organized: This helps to keep your office looking tidy and  more presentable. By placing all loose papers and folders in a designated spot, this can keep your office looking more orderly.
  • Make sure to keep your rooms disinfected: This can be done by having sanitary methods of cleanliness throughout the office, especially in the washrooms and kitchens. Your office space has a great deal of transit throughout the day where dust, allergens, germs, food particles, etc. can accumulate around the office space. By regularly using disinfectants and cleaners it will reduce unsanitary conditions and ultimately keep the workspace cleaner, healthier, and more presentable. 
  • Clean stains or liquid drips: Not only is there a presentation problem here, but there is also a risk of drawing in insects. If you do not clean spills and drips on the floors, counters and walls, you could risk bringing in more unhealthy factors into your workspace.
  • Take out the trash: Emptying your garbage bins is crucial to avoid harsh smells, insects,  and odour build-up. Having a clean smelling area is highly important in maintaining a professional appearance. 
  • Regularly maintain carpets and floors: Sweeping/vacuuming and washing your floors to remove dust and debris will give your premises a fresh look.  Vinyl floors must also be maintained by regularly stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing to obtain a glossy wet look.  Carpets should also be routinely vacuumed and spots removed on a timely manner to avoid stains to become permanent.  A scheduled carpet cleaning is also very important in order to remove grime and allergens.

With all these tips, it is important to note that the number one thing required in keeping the office clean is a scheduled maintenance. Let New Look Maintenance help you and your office by giving you a clean, fresh look. With over thirty years in the industry, our janitorial company can worry about the office cleaning without you having to. Our janitorial services are quick and professional. Let us improve your look. It’s time for a “New Look”

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